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12 Sep
Tightening down the boat tarp for winter

Tightening down the boat tarp for winter

Sometimes things come together in perfect harmony.

We needed to cover the boat for the winter. The day was sunny and warm with hardly any wind. Not too hot, not too cold, just right to tuck and tape and tie. The Gimli airport where the boat is stored was surprisingly busy with air cadets practicing their gliding skills; helicopters buzzing by; cars drag-racing on the speedway; sky-divers floating down to the tarmac. An experience you can only find in Gimli.

A little side note. Sometime ago I wanted to buy S-S and myself sailing hats. Mine would Read “Captain”, hers would read “Crew”. She gave me the look that only S-S can give me, and said only if her hat read “Admiral”. We didn’t buy the hats.

Skydiving at Gimli Airport

Skydiving at Gimli Airport


It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

1 Sep

I t was quite the storm that blew through a couple of nights ago. The storm lasted over an hour! ¬†What a light show! Fortunately no house or property damage. The frequency of the flashes was like a paparazzi convention at the red carpet on Oscar Night. ¬†Check out the video I made looking east, out over the lake. It’s just over a minute long.

Lightning, quiet storm.

Wind-blown hail pounds maple trees.

Silent-thunder night.