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It’s Tough Being A Cool Dude

27 Feb

Went to a blues jam session today. Had to wear my “cool dude hat”. S-S says that if I have to call it a cool dude hat I ain’t a cool dude. We cool dudes ignore comments like that, most of the time.

Cool Dude Hat

Cool Dude Hat

Six months ago S-S told me I should be wearing said hat more straight. As if cool dudes wear their hats straight! So, I jumped right on it to check, that is, six months later, today. I noticed that if the hat brim was straight, the crown was off. If the crown was straight the brim was off. S-S said the hat’s OK. It’s my head that’s off. ¬†Cool dudes ignore comments like that, most of time.

So off to the jam session we go, cool dude and fashion/posture critic. It’s said that in a bar after drinking four or five beer you see only beautiful people there. I don’t drink beer so I have trouble finding the beautiful people. But I do drink lemonade. After four or five lemonades I don’t look for the beautiful people, I’m looking for the bathroom. Trying to hop to the distant loo, through the crowd, ¬†with my legs crossed, and one hand holding on to my cool dude hat is something only a cool dude can handle.

Coming out of said facility, I hear, “Hey, cool hat, dude!” Yes, vindication! Cool dudes don’t ever ignore comments like that. Waiter, five more lemonades!