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The Town Is Slowly Shutting Down

10 Oct

Gimli Harbour Looking Towards the Yacht Club

Commercial Fishing Boats, Gimli Harbour

On the Hard at Silver Harbour

Took a trip into Gimli  today. The town has really slowed down since Thanksgiving. With the weather most people have shut up their cottages for the winter. The marina was a ghost of itself yacht-wise. Dean Thorkelson of Lake Agassiz Marine  had his crane at the end of the pier hauling out some of the Gimli Yacht Club sailboats. Haulout time is now getting short. Pretty well all of the power boats are out of the main basin. All that’s left are the small fishing boats. They will be out as long as there is water. Come the ice many of them shift will be to ice fishing. The yacht scene is similar in Silver Harbour, row upon row of boats. I feel sad at such scenes. The boats are out of their element, stranded on the hard. Most will not be in the water until May or June next year. The season is so short. I remember a few years ago taking the ferry from Tswassen to Vancouver Island on New Year’s Day and seeing sailboats cruising in the straits. I thought, “How idyllic.” Back home the ice on the lake was six feet thick.

Gimli Beach. Getting Ready to Make Dikes

The  beach, of course, is deserted. The town has started to prepare for any potential flooding by piling up mounds of sand ready to create berms in the low areas. October and November are the season for major storms. The wind and rain will howl down out of the east and north-east often for days at a time. Lake water will pile up in the south basin. Shoreline erosion will be possible for many. Fortunately our house has a natural, elevated shoreline. Still it has to be watched. Then the freeze-up will happen. It will be cold but more still and peaceful. More on that another time.

Of course, one of the benefits of the slowdown is that finding a parking spot is much easier. Another is that walking on the sidewalk is easier too. Some of the stores are changing from their summer hours. Not too many are shutting down though. I must admit that I miss some of the hustle and bustle of the summer. Old habits?