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Adventures in Sangria

28 Jul

Noticed this email from S-S to our friend recovering from surgery. Makes me glad I don’t drink.

sangria 1 “Oh boy. Ready for some comic relief?  This is all your fault because if you hadn’t selfishly let your hip degenerate you and J could be amusing me on my deck drinking margaritas!

“But, instead, you are wallowing in pain and leaving me to my own devices. So I invited my Gimli girlfriends to drink on my deck. I thought of serving my margaritas but remembering your sister’s disgraceful stagger home, I thought it would be irresponsible when they are driving.

sangria 2“So I thought of Sangria. Never made it before. Should have called J for her delicious recipe but thought I could do it myself (independent like someone else I could name!).  Couldn’t decide among all the recipes so combined them all: apple/orange, citrus mix, strawberry/peach. And why not throw in blueberries, cherries and strawberries. Tastes bitter. Add sugar. Some recipes added liqueur so add orange brandy, peach snaps and blackberry liqueur.  Tastes too strong. Add orange juice. Still awful.   Oh well. Leave it overnight in my pretty pitcher.

“Next morning, I find half the wine on the floor. Apparently, pretty pitcher has a leak. No problem. Add more wine. Different type. Add a third half bottle. Different type. Add more orange juice and more cherries. Done. Will put a bit in a glass and water it down with ginger ale. After adding Club Soda (okay), then Sprite (better), it wasn’t bad. After a couple of glasses, it got even better!

“Hurry up and get better so I can go back to my margaritas!!”

Welcome to my sober world.


Thank Goodness My Brain-Mouth Filter Still Works

1 Jul
Not exactly hole-related but profound in self-awareness.

Not exactly hole-related but profound in self-awareness.

Had a small birthday celebration.  Mr. Bill came. You know Mr. Bill from past posts on boats and trees. He had over-ordered  lot of cubic yards of soil for his garden Lot’s!

My nimble mind immediately kicked in with a solution: why don’t you just dig a hole to bury it in?

Fortunately my brain-mouth filter is less flabby than other body parts. Miraculously I kept my mouth shut.

Better to have them think you are an old fool rather than know you are one. Reputation saved by micro seconds. Still known as a wise elder.