It’s Tough Being A Cool Dude

27 Feb

Went to a blues jam session today. Had to wear my “cool dude hat”. S-S says that if I have to call it a cool dude hat I ain’t a cool dude. We cool dudes ignore comments like that, most of the time.

Cool Dude Hat

Cool Dude Hat

Six months ago S-S told me I should be wearing said hat more straight. As if cool dudes wear their hats straight! So, I jumped right on it to check, that is, six months later, today. I noticed that if the hat brim was straight, the crown was off. If the crown was straight the brim was off. S-S said the hat’s OK. It’s my head that’s off.  Cool dudes ignore comments like that, most of time.

So off to the jam session we go, cool dude and fashion/posture critic. It’s said that in a bar after drinking four or five beer you see only beautiful people there. I don’t drink beer so I have trouble finding the beautiful people. But I do drink lemonade. After four or five lemonades I don’t look for the beautiful people, I’m looking for the bathroom. Trying to hop to the distant loo, through the crowd,  with my legs crossed, and one hand holding on to my cool dude hat is something only a cool dude can handle.

Coming out of said facility, I hear, “Hey, cool hat, dude!” Yes, vindication! Cool dudes don’t ever ignore comments like that. Waiter, five more lemonades!


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