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No Relaxing On The Deck Today

12 Jul
No Relaxing On The Deck Today

No Relaxing On The Deck Today

Mucho rain last night. Thunderstorms forecast for today. Lottsa squishy corpses sharing the deck. Any volunteers wanna help me shovel and sweep them off? Nah, I didn’t think so. Somehow I think It’s going to be me, just me. Why do I get to have all the fun?


Fish Fly Season.’Nuff Said

11 Jul
Fish Fly Bonanza

Fish Fly Bonanza

They’re baaack! This, just one window view. They are also outside the house, on the deck, the lawn, the trees, anything that moves.

Isn’t there some way we could make them into a food source? Fish fly patties, fish fly kabobs, fish fly chowder? Or booze? Where are all the creative chefs and moonshiners when you need them?

Ah well, they will soon be flying away and procreating their little wings off.

They will die happy in their short lives but the evidence and aroma of their little corpses will last forever.