Why Not Prescription Vacation Trips? Or Ship ‘Em Off To Mexico

3 Mar
Happy Travelling Seniors

Happy Travelling Seniors

Another thought crossed my mind recently, although with only a few neurons firing at any given time the route has occasional traffic jams.
Anyway, I think I have uncovered another blatant case of ageism! Another, you ask! Well look at my insightful July post Why Not Stat Holiday Pension Pay For Retirees? . In short, why are we retirees denied prescription snowbird travel and prescription libations?

While out of the country we are not a strain on our stretched medical system; we are not taking up hospital beds; not taking up doctors’ time; and as long as we are not in the US medical-insurance house of horrors we can get cheaper meds in such places as Mexico.
“Ah,” but you say, “Wouldn’t that be 3rd world medicine?” Think again. Many, if not most, hospitals, doctors and dentists where snowbirds stay are US trained. Our home doctors and dentists will list horror stories of people who have had the gall to have treatments done out-of-country. But medical tourism IS big business. A cost-benefit analysis would probably show that it is cost-effective to ship the old folks down south; or at least pay for us to ship ourselves. Now I am not talking about first class travel. Business class will do. Perhaps they should mandate seniors having to leave the country, thereby outsourcing our medical costs. Hopefully I have made my main point.
Now let’s go one step further. What about the liquid medical: Prescription pina coladas, medical margueritas; tonic tequila? Sedated seniors are happy seniors. Happy seniors are low cost seniors.
I tell ya, it’s hard being an inspired, creative thinker but somebody has to do it.
Don’t be shy. If you have thoughts on this profound topic, let me know via the comments box below.


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