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Zucchini Bonanza and Nature’s Bounty

27 Aug
A week's worth of zucchinis

A week’s worth of zucchinis

S-S asked me to check on the zucchinis in our little garden today. Lucky I did. Look at this week’s crop!  The largest is about 30 cm long. I grow them because I can and they have beautiful showy yellow blooms.

Now if only I liked zucchini.


Peacocks In The Cemetery

6 Aug

Life is strange sometimes. When you think you are saying or explaining something simple about something unusual you receive a response that shows that people seem to come from different universes.

Peacocks, Peacocks, Peacocks

Peacocks, Peacocks, Peacocks

Sometime ago S-S and I were touring the East Interlake area in our car. We had visited Arborg, Riverton, Hecla and places in between. One of our stops was in Hnausa (pronounced nazer). As we drove by the local cemetery we did a double take. There on the gravestones and sepulchres was a muster or ostentation of peacocks. Bet you didn’t know that’s what a group of peacocks is called, didya? Males and females just strutting around.

How did they get there? Why were they there? There was no one around to ask. But there they were. Anyway, on our return home we mentioned  this unexpected sighting to some friends. Guess what the only question was:

What were you doing in a cemetery?

Ho hum. So much for sharing the surprises in life.