Trees in the Eaves and Poop on the Stoop

30 Jul
Trees in the Eaves

Trees in the Eaves

I had to take down a Yagi aerial from the roof today. It was a remnant from our old non-functioning internet provider. Climbing up the ladder I noticed that in spite of the screens on the eaves there was a lot of  decomposing goop (technical term) in the eaves. Sharp eye that I am I also noticed a mini forest growing there. Maples and ash growing in abundance. So much  for the protective eave-screen. So for those of extreme eco-sensitivity the forest is no more. Sorry about that but eaves and house come first.

The following paragraph has scatalogical references. Reader discretion is advised!

I also had to clean off some steps. We have lottsa trees near the house. Birds love trees and they love to do doodoo when they fly their little arses off the trees. Perhaps they were also fertilizing the forest in the eaves. Sorry (somewhat) to those of a birdy bent but poop of any species is not my thing. Also, sorry there are no pics of the poop but this is not that kind of blog. Gotta go and wash my hands now. Next time I’ll wear gloves.


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