Miscellany On The Joys Of Summer in July

20 Jul

It’s the third week of July Summer has finally arrived! The temperature has finally crawled above 20 degrees. I didn’t get the veggie garden in until June 15 this year.

Some of you might have been suffering from withdrawal symptoms lately since there have been so few posts lately. Suffer no more. I am back with a new internet provider. A thunderstorm knocked out our previous provider who then refused to fix the wifi tower repairs. One of the joys of rural living is having so few options to choose from. But after two weeks your favourite blog and blogger are back. I know, I know, I have to stay modest but I can already feel your joy.

Overland Flooding

Overland Flooding

The rains of June produced much standing water. You might have heard about the flooding in Manitoba. Fortunately we were not affected by that. Overland flooding did hit many of the fields around us, so much so that with the depth of the water and the high winds – one weekend at 100 km/hr – produced whitecaps on the fields. The water also produced many, many, many mosquitoes. Normally we have very few. This year, however, has been something else, to put it mildly. I’ve been slapping myself silly. No comments please. Deet, and more Deet have no effect when you are trying to sleep.

The mosquitoes seem to be going. But the fishflies have arrived! Nature has a perverse sense of humour.

Bandstand, Winnipeg Beach

Bandstand, Winnipeg Beach

Went to Winnipeg Beach Boardwalk Days this past weekend. Great time: rides, hotdogs, min-donuts, and free concerts. I spent all of $15 on treating S-S. I know how to give a girl a great time. I did learn one lesson, though: don’t boogie to the music in your chair with a large full cup of very hot coffee in your lap! I felt the pain only a man can feel, plus my pants looked like I had an ‘old guy’ accident. Got lottsa looks on the long walk back to the car.


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