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Summer Solstice, Adventures in Gardening, and a 3 for 3 Strikeout

21 Jun

Summer solstice and long days, at least when you can see the sun. Daylight from before 5:00 am to well after 10:00 pm, at least when you can see the sun. Oh, I said that already.

Today was actually a gloriously sunny and warm day. S-S wanted to go to the local market and visiting. The local market was almost empty but then we went late. Visit number one was to in-laws in Spruce Sands. Nobody there. Visit number two to relatives in Loni Beach, again nada. Visit number three to friends in Lake Forest, zip. Three for three, well nothing else to do but do something around the house.

The Garden Jungle I Removed

The Garden Jungle I Removed

Major revelation: sun, warmth, no rain, 3 for 3 strikeout; why not fix the garden? Duh, OK if you say so. Summer solstice and this is the first opportunity to do anything major in the garden. If life has given you procrastination lemons then  make lemonade, or in this case iced tea, powdered version.

Plantains, dandelions and grass. The wicked trio. Yank, curse, pull, curse, dig, curse. Getting into a rhythm is what it’s all about. That is what was going on as I did the “big” garden. Tomatoes, zucchini, spaghetti squash, swiss shard and bush beans to start

Oh, The Humanity! Petunias Decapitated By Deer.

Oh, The Humanity! Petunias Decapitated By Deer.

S-S was working on redoing the old strawberry patch to turn it into an herb garden. She hasn’t let on yet what was going on in her mind. More lady-like thoughts perhaps?  Basil, parsley, thyme to start. However, she did notice that the petunias in a tub planter had been decapitated by deer. Then there was some unlady-like muttering, including talking about getting a gun. Don’t mess with S-S.

Summer Solstice Irises Only Three Weeks Late

Summer Solstice Irises Only Three Weeks Late

But there is good news. The irises have finally come out, only three weeks late but they have arrived. Columbines reach through the forest of ferns to add a delicate touch of colour.

Seems everything survived the long, bitter winter. Life is amazing


Father’s Day and Rupert the Bear

15 Jun
Rupert the Bear

Rupert the Bear

Father’s Day in Gimli. Rainy, windy and 14°. Oh well, its only June 15 after all. Why would I expect summer-like weather.

But it’s Father’s Day and I got gifts. I don’t know if there is an equivalent to the Easter Bunny so I have to assume they came from S-S. I can be pretty sharp sometimes. Any way, one of the gifts was a an edition of one of my favourite series of all time, Rupert the Bear.

What follows is a sad tale. As a child all I ever wanted was a Rupert the Bear book for Christmas. Everyone else got them but yours truly: little sister, little cousins, the kid in the flat next door. I’m sure you can feel my pain. Their libraries built up, mine remained empty. Later as a young adult with income of my own I was able to start a belated collection, only to lose it all in a house move. Oh the tragedy!

Over the years I have slowly re-built a small and increasing collection. Life is normalizing once again. If I am lucky I will have a reading supply for my dementia years when I revert to my childhood. I will also have collection of Arthur Ransome books, such as “Swallows and Amazons,” and another all time favourite , “Wind in the Willows.” More fun than “War and Peace.”

Life will be good, what I remember of it that is. With Rupert, even if I cannot read at least I can look at the pictures.

A New Business Idea Gone Poof

11 Jun

Just came back from a trip out west. Beautiful weather, beautiful views. No commitments.

Coming back, however, to that cultivated weed called grass, un-mowed for 2 1/2 weeks, is something else. The grass was not growing alone. But  perhaps, I thought, there is a business opportunity.  The pitch would go something like this:

My Field of Dreams. My Very Own Organically Grown Dandelions

My Field of Dreams. My Very Own Organically Grown Dandelions


Dandelion U-Pick

Organically grown Dandelions

No artificial chemicals. Only nutritious septic field effluent or pelican poop fertilizers

Tasty, healthy. High in vitamin C and other stuff

Great for salads, wine-making, coffee substitutes and other stuff

Only $1.00 a ton. Bring a bucket, a bag or other stuff

Get it early before the whole crop goes poof!

Some of My Dandelions Gone Poof

Some of My Dandelions Gone Poof

Others, however, had more mundane ideas. S-S, who is usually my muse, said, “Just mow the d–n grass,”  or somewhat similar words.

Brute Rarin' To Go

Brute Rarin’ To Go

Then there was Brute, eager to go, slice and dice anything in his path. So eager in fact he started first time. No huffing, or puffing or coughing. No post-winter warm-up hiccups. Just an immediate growl of happiness. Look at the smile on his face!

The gods were against me. I mowed the lawn. No “Dandelions ‘R Us” empire. Ah well, S-S and Brute are happy. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad. I feel a ‘Bat Outta Hell’ Meatloaf song coming on. I should quit now.