Honeywagons Determine Where the Wind Blows From

14 Aug

Stinky smell spoiler alert!

JJs Pumpout truck

JJs Pumpout truck

The honeywagon is a wind generator. Neighbours to the north have a pumpout, the wind comes from the north. Neighbours to the south, the breeze wafts in from the south. Septic field to the west, perfume gusts in from the west. Nothing from the east. To the east is the lake. All we get from there are easterly and northeastly gales and rainstorms, a possible topic for another post. However, when the pumpout is mine there is a dead calm, doldrums. The scent then hangs like crazy glue refusing to lift, shift or drift. At times like that I feel like packing up and moving to another time zone.

Pumpouts are expensive in this part of the world, about $100 a poop, er pop. The gentle rumble of the pump sucking up the whatever brings a sigh – low breath intake – of relief. The septic field is still working and a massive and expensive replacement isn’t required.  The grass can thus keep growing thick and lush. Brute is happy about that. J J, the pumpout man, at least has a sense of humour. In his business you have to.


One Response to “Honeywagons Determine Where the Wind Blows From”

  1. pat August 14, 2013 at 6:02 pm #

    This one had me laughing very hard. Would love to have seen you going through this.

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