Life and Death Around the House

12 Aug
Northern Flicker Window Victim

Northern Flicker Window Victim

This post is a little more sad and a little more joyful.

Sad news first. All of a sudden, over a few days recently, birds have been crashing into our large windows that face the lake. This picture on the left is of a Northern Flicker. I have also found young Cedar Waxwings among other songbirds. Why the sudden increase, who knows. It seems to be mostly songbirds, never a Crow or Robin.

Robin's Eggs in the Planter

Robin’s Eggs in the Planter

Robin Fledglings in the Planter

Robin Fledglings in the Planter

On the happier side the Robin family is back. Each year year a pair of Robins sets up a nest in a hanging planter on our  breezeway front entrance. The flowers in the planter are artificial since nothing seems to want to grow in the planters on the shady side of the house. So the choice of nesting site is a bit of a puzzle. It’s a bit of a dangerous spot since once the crows find it they are merciless in attacking the nest. But some young ones survive. This is at least the third year of the parents’ return


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