New Header Pic For Your Favourite Blog!

10 Aug
Dressed for whatever Nature can throw at Me

Dressed for whatever Nature can throw at Me

Rejoice! Two things. Firstly, the fishflies are gone, enough said there. Secondly, on the advice of my financial and business consultant S-S and the the whining of Brute for more on-screen-time on the blog I have created a new blog header. S-S turned paparazza on me and snapped pics while I sweated on the driveway, capturing a picture of me and Brute (he never will get first billing!) at work. In the header pic it’s hard to tell whether I am pushing or following Brute. It’s an ongoing battle as to who is the boss. A titanic clash of wills.

I know I have a pic of S-S behind Brute somewhere. She was smiling so I am not quite sure as to what their relationship actually is. Luckily I am not paranoid. Anyway she told me not to use it, or else. But who knows, it might find its way onto the site accidentally. Caught between a loving prima femina and a conflicted primus res (finally I get to use some high school Latin.) life is not easy here in the wilderness some 45 minutes north of Winnipeg.

The attached pic here is me in all my fashionable glory with fishfly and cobweb carcasses and debris hanging off me. The camo duct tape on the hat is a particularly elegant touch. If you think I am using the site to milk sympathy by trying to add class to this rugged life, you are right. And the pioneers thought they had it tough! I mean life is brutal. Until recently we only had dial up, we still can’t get Netflix and gas is $1.36 a litre!


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