Beauty & The Brute

22 Jun
Iris Beauty

Iris Beauty or Deer Salad?

The weather has been surprisingly good for the past few days. Warm and mostly dry, except for the occasional shower to water the garden. The veggie garden has tomatoes. squash, zucchini, beans, beets, radishes and squash coming along nicely. The herbs have parsley, thyme, basil, rosemary dill,  and what I think is a oregano. S-S thinks it’s only a weed. But it is a definitely aromatic weed. Ferns have created a mini-forest. The irises and the columbines have started to bloom. Deer have started to come in broad daylight to munch on them like fresh salad. Hopefully there will be some left for granddaughter B-K to enjoy when she comes next weekend. Looking forward to seeing her. Oh, and her mum and dad are coming too..

Brute In All His Rugged Glory

Brute In All His Rugged Glory

Due to popular demand I am including some pics of Brute, the hit-man in my driveway epic. He is now behaving well, although earlier in the season he was surprisingly cantankerous , even petulant, refusing to start at times and chopping rather than cutting things. Getting the sulky cold-shoulder from Brute gets tiresome at times. Last time it was because he wanted a new spark plug and I wanted to use a cleaned-up one from last year. The full face portrait show Brute in all his glory: duct-taped snout and piles of grass and weeds filling in his crevasses. None of the sissy, showroom sparkling cleanliness that others might show.

Petulant, Cold-Shoulder Brute

Petulant, Cold-Shoulder Brute

Brute seems to be an overly sensitive soul when it suits him. This pic is Brute in one of his moods, giving me the cold-shoulder over the new/used spark-plug incident. Fortunately we reconciled, although Brute coughed and spluttered several times to make his point. Sometime I wonder who is the master of my domain.


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