We Survived the Mayan Apocalypse! What comes Next?

22 Dec

Well we are all still here. What was the fuss about? Somebody must have made a lot of money out of all the hoopla. The Mayans didn’t seem to be too concerned, in fact they celebrated the event. Not even a decent meteor shower or super nova or wandering asteroid. We survived Y2K, the new millenium, and now this. What will come next? Enquiring minds want to know. Give it a year or less. Somebody will cook up something.

Oh CristmasTree, Oh Christmas Tree

Oh CristmasTree, Oh Christmas Tree

Now we can focus on the really important things in life, like Christmas. Actually the gifts have been bought. I wish I could claim credit for all the purchases but I am usually dragged along like a reluctant puppy by the super-shopper (S-S) of the family who will remain nameless. So far we have been shopping in Ajijic, Guadalajara, Toronto, Winnipeg and Gimli. S-S likes to spread the wealth around and keep the world economy humming. I just pout a lot since I have so many other things to do such as… and … and uhm …, and besides it’s cold outside. Ah well, she has made the house look great and there are presents under the tree, many presents, many many presents. This does not count the ones delivered and mailed. She makes sure my gift-bonanza is well taken care of. Kinda makes me feel like a kid again. Takes a special person to do that.

We will be hosting Christmas Eve this year. Should be a good crowd. The driveway is plowed so there is lots of parking space. Two of our children at home will be here for Christmas so that will make the time special. Our other children and grandchildren  are scattered across the country. What with the weather and the nutty airline travel pressures at this time of year I prefer they stay safe and sane. We will still miss them. S-S gets especially sentimental at this time of year. But then she gets especially sentimental on New Years, Easter, birthdays, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving and just about any other day. I think we will be making a few road trips this spring and summer to visit one and all.

Snow and Hoar-Frost in the Garden

Snow and Hoar-Frost in the Garden

Although the weather has been clouded over most of the time the trees have been covered in hoar-frost. Very picturesque. It’s like being in a Christmas card scene. Very nice to have for the Christmas season. Last year it was a green Christmas. If one has to have a green Christmas I would like to have palm trees, golden sands and blue waters in the picture.


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