Deep Freeze and Hibernation: the weather outside is frightfull

11 Dec
A Rare (for me) Winter Sunrise Picture

A Rare (for me) Winter Sunrise Picture

It’s amazing what a little cold can do to freeze the mind and somehow numb the blog fingers. After a bit of travelling to see children, grandchildren and relatives in the Toronto area we are finally back home. It is cold, frozen, frigid, mostly white. Quite a difference from the colour of Mexico. Boy, talk about stating the obvious!

Snowy Driveway: No Mowing

Snowy Driveway: No Mowing

The good news is I don’t have to mow the driveway. But there is this little detail of snow and more snow. For that at least I am spared. Chris, the snow clearing man, proves himself most useful at these times. Mowing a driveway the size of a small park is one thing; shovelling the snow off it in -18 degrees Celsius  (windchill -24 degrees) is another. The major roads and highways are blessedly clear of ice and snow, at least outside of  Winnipeg.

There have not been as many deer around the yard for a while. Minimal tracks in the snow. Either they are elsewhere, perhaps the in the woods, or there are not as many of them.

Broken Ice Lake Winnipeg

Broken Ice Lake Winnipeg

While we were away there must have been some quite violent windstorms off the lake. The shoreline is like a jagged, crystalline mountain range. It will make ice fishing and snowmobiling closer to shore difficult this year. The sun glinting off crystal peaks is quite dramatic though.

Over the next few days we will be putting up our Christmas tree and decorations. First we have to bring them in out of the garage to thaw out for a day or two. Life moves slowly and at a measured pace but I am not complaining. But I do miss the sun and warmth of Mexico.


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