Getting Past the November Blahs

7 Nov

T-Shirts, Shorts and Sandals Time

This post is less about country or rural  life than it is about occasionally getting to sunnier climes. We decided to get away from the dreary and incessant drizzle and cloud, the grey and the cold, the monotone black grey and brown,  to go to sun and warmth and colour for a while. So we packed our bags, turned off the water pump,set the house alarm, arranged for security, and headed off to Mexico. Yes, I know you might be thinking, “but what about the country living?” Well, it is country, just another country, and the warmth and the colour and, and, and…

Enough with the rationalizations, we are here and enjoying it  for a while: 45 sunscreen, T-shirts and shorts, sandals.  Here we are in Ajijic, Mexico, so you will see a few posts from here. We have been to Mexico many times before. In 2010 we took our RAV4 and drove around the country for three months. More about that trip in another post.

Day of the Dead Street Decorations, Ajijic

We had not gone to Guadalajara or Lake Chapala though. So it was time for a visit. We found an inexpensive casita in Ajijic and arrived just before Dia de los Muertos. Halloween is not a big deal here but celebrating and honouring the dearly departed is quite the tradition. Families set up altars and laid out designs in the street in coloured sawdust and stones. They were quite the production. I say “were” because they exist only for a day and then are removed or taken down. It was amazing to see the family togetherness in these one-day projects. Family members came home from everywhere to be part of the celebrations. In facing death there was laughter and togetherness. It makes one appreciate life and family a lot more.

Street Designs, Downtown Ajijic

I enjoy coming to Mexico for the purely sensual experience of sun and colour: sky, houses, flowers, palm trees.There is no need to hibernate here. In fact, hibernation is totally the wrong strategy. The vitality and friendliness of the people here are infectious. One can also see it in the expat community here. Their community is quite extensive and involved in the local community. Ajijic is definitely a place to live in and not just visit.

Over the next while we will be exploring the Lake Chapala area and visiting Guadalajara. Stay tuned for pics and details.


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