Preparing For the Cold: Work, Work, Work

16 Oct

Snow Fence and Leaf Cover over Septic Field

This week and next are devoted to getting ready for winter. A big task was putting up the snow fence and laying out a bed of leaves over the septic field and our water lines. We are grandfathered in; otherwise, we would have to have a holding tank since we are on the lake. We have used leaves before as well as bales of straw. Both seem to work well. I find that leaves are easier to dispose of come the spring. They make a great mulch for the garden and can be mulch-mowed into the grass. The fence not only catches the snow along with the leaves. The principal purpose of the fence, however, is to keep out the deer. Over the winter they seem to have an appetite for anything organic. We do not rake and bag  the leaves anymore. A neat lawn is not priority. We are not are not in the suburbs! Our first year we did bag leaves: 63 big bags! Never again.

Turned over the garden to let it regenerate over the winter. Nothing was left except one tiny cucumber and small remnants of swiss chard. The birds have picked over the red berries of the asparagus. Nothing left but feathery ferns. Some might have fallen to the ground. Maybe new spears in two years.

Lake Wiinipeg, Looking South, Mist, October

Today was very foggy. The fog lasted all day. Water drops hung heavy on the branches sparkling in the sunlight.


Crystal Mist Drops on Bare Limbs, October

Surprising beauty

Crystal drops hang on bare limbs

October geese calls.


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