To Do List for The Coming Two Weeks

13 Oct

The snow has gone, as expected. The weather, at least for the next few days, is going to be dry and pleasant. As long as it’s not too windy or wet, things will go along fine. The following is a list, in no particular order of priority, of what I have to do. The weather will determine what and when. Some of the chores will be familiar to city folk:

  • Pruning branches overhanging the roof or brushing up against the side of the house.
  • Cutting down and cutting up trees and branches knocked down by the recent snow and wind.  Cut them into firewood.
  • Cover the septic field and water lines, and put up snow fence.
  • Mulch mow the lawn and winterize the mower.
  • Check the eaves and downspouts.
  • Clean and store the deck and garden furniture.
  • Clean and store the BBQ.
  • Store the canoe.
  • Turn over and mulch the veggie garden.

White Tailed Deer Doing Its Business on the Lawn

The list may not seem extensive or onerous to many but in the country this is basically do it yourself when the weather is right. It means climbing ladders, into trees and onto the roof, powering up the chain saw, and getting down into the dirt. When all is done the house will be snug for the winter.

One nice thing about this time of the year is that there are no bugs. So far we have been lucky in not having any rodents invade the house for shelter. Deer are passing through. There is plenty of deer scat scattered around the grass and mixed in with the leaves; gloves are mandatory! Next year there will be tufts of extra thick and healthy grass to show where the lawn was used as a latrine.

One good effect of the recent storms has been on the beach. It is now wide and sandy where once it was rocks and cobbles. The seasonal timing might be off but it looks good. The water is lower as the south winds have pushed the water back into the lake’s north basin.


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