Nature Rebounds

9 Oct

It’s quite amazing how nature compensates to stay in balance. This past summer was clear, hot and dry, fortunately not drought conditions. The days were long and balmy. October has changed all that what with snow, rain, cloud and constant rain. Plans to get on the roof to prune overhanging branches and to clean the eaves had to be put on hold. I have no plans on being blown off the roof and becoming a stupidity statistic. Also, the wet has delayed plans to mulch leaves and grass as a final cut for the lawn. So I will have to try this week. I will have to put up the snow fence over the  septic field and use some of the leaves to catch snow to form insulation over the field and connecting water lines. I’ll also have to bag some of the leaves to cover the water line from the well head. No point in taking chances of a freeze up. I have used straw in the past but find that leaves work just as well and do not have the disposal problems of straw. Some of the straw will be used as mulch in the vegetable garden. I will not be raking and bagging all the leaves as in previous years. Last year I bagged 63 giant size bags. Mulching and insualtion seem much more practical and result in less blisters and no sore back.

After the snow and frost I had to pick the last of the spaghetti squash and swiss chard. The squash had hardened nicely. The chard surprised me in that it was still growing. Hardy stuff. The zucchini, summer squash, had died off weeks ago. Wimpy by comparison.

The driveway is turning into a gravel pit and occasional mud bath. The gravel here can turn into a sticky gumbo that does not want to let go of shoes and cars. Does wonders for hardwood floors. It seems to find its way into the house no matter how careful you are.

Deer in the Garden

Female Spruce Grouse Coming Out of the Conifers in the Garden

Larger local wildlife is becoming more evident. Deer have not been as visible over the summer as they have been in previous years. The principal evidence has been the decapitation of plants in the flower garden and multiple scat deposits on the grass. With the snow their tracks can now be easily seen. Next year the grass will grow extra thick wherever they have pooped. Small flocks of female spruce grouse wander out of the conifer wind breaks. Birds seem extra cautious since we have at least one resident bald eagle scouting the area.One delight of the season is the fall supper. Last weekend we went to one in Riverton. Two weekends from now we will go to one at Camp Arnes. The food amount and quality is amazing. So much for the diet.


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