The “S” 4-Letter Word and It’s Only October 5th!

5 Oct

View looking to the lake, October 5

Woke up this morning to this!  Deck chairs and tables all covered in the stuff. So much for raking the leaves, cleaning the eaves and doing a final mowing of the lawn. Ah well, maybe next week. At least it will be gone then. The ground will be softer so that I can hammer in the posts to install the snow fence around the septic field. When the leaves dry I will have to bag them to lay over water lines. I need the roof to clear so that I can check the eaves and prune any overhanging branches on the roof

I cannot stand all this delayed gratification. Admittedly Spring came early but did Winter have to be such a copycat season?

One frustration of this time of year is the combination of snow and wind, the storm season. They keep on interfering with our internet wi-fi. We used to have dial-up. It felt like we were in the third world. Oh correct that! The third world does have high-speed and wi-fi just about everywhere. Unless you live in a major urban centre here in Canada you have to scrounge around for weather sensitive wi-fi service.

The Driveway, October 5

Complaining aside, I must admit that the scenery is beautiful right now. One of the advantages of a country winter is that it can be picture-perfect. The snow stays white and pristine for a long time. I notice this when we have to drive into the city: dirty, brown, ugly, slushy, gritty and “potholey.” Manitoba can be cold but invariably the sun will shine against a clear sky. so it’s still sunglasses and sunscreen time. Soon the deer will be coming more frequently to the yard. Often they will form a wallow on the leeward side of the house out of the wind.


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