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Fall Haiku

27 Sep

Driveway weeds sleep, brown

Mower silent now dormant

Geese honk their way south.

The Driveway, Early Fall. Worm’s-Eye View

The driveway, my gateway to the world. Whenever I mow, the world invites itself for visits. Synchronicity? As the driveway grass grows so do the visitors. Don’t be fooled by the little bit of grass. In the Summer parts can grow knee high along with the weeds. It is an ecosystem unto itself and it knows how to survive, to reproduce.


First Weekend of the Fall and the Driveway Ecosystem is Dormant (I Hope)

22 Sep

Allthough today is sunny it is cool with showers. The last few days have had been a howling gale. What a change from the hot dry summer. Gone are the sunsets ar 10:00; now its dark by 8:15. Some chores for the coming winter include turning over the garden and mulching, a final lawn mow and winterizing the mower, laying straw over the septic task and water lines, cleaning the eaves and pruning so many trees, especially the ones overhanging the roof. The driveway does not seem to need mowing. It’s ecosystem has gone dormant. Gone are the days of mowing and weed-whacking the driveway which sometimes feels like it is the size of a Walmart parking lot. Nothing like the sound of gravel chipping away at the blade as I mow the grass, dandelions, thistles and other assorted life-forms that refuse to be killed. Ah, but you ask , “why don’t I just sterilize the life out of it with Roundup or Killex?” Well we live on the shore of Lake Winnipeg so there is the issue of using poison so close to the water. From a more personal perspective, our water comes from a well, so I am less inclined to potentially poison our own drinking water supply. So the driveway gets mowed

Hello world!

20 Sep

Welcome to my blog on country living. Welcome and find out how rural living is NOT city living. Where does the title of my blog come from? It comes from my newer rural reality in that not only does my country world have to be mowed but also so does my driveway. What started out as a simple gravel driveway is now developing into its own prairie ecosystem. My thoughts on this and other aspects of country living, wells, wildlife, gardens and the like will form the basis of future blogs.